Triangle mapping multiple curves to multiple surfaces

Hi All,

I’ve been trying to do this on and off for a while with various other mapping components.

This is as close as I’ve got to making something work, and as I’m only using triangles the Triangle Mapping seems to suit.

The bit I just can’t work out is how to replace the slider I’m using to select list items to possibly a series or sequence component? to get all the list items to select together to map the curves to the correct triangles all at the same time.

When I use this on my main definition there will be endless variables on the triangles every time I use it. They’ll initially be a 3d shape formed from triangles. Flattened to 2d. Curves/lines will be drawn on the 2d for them to get repopulated back to the 3d.


You could do something like this without selecting items by using the slider.


Wow thanks Master HS_Kim!

I’ve been trying to work out how to do that for ages and you’ve made it look so simple! :slight_smile: