Is there a way to Map Srf or Orient 3pt or even TripMap curves on multiple 2d triangular surfaces back to the 3d multiple surfaces they unrolled from?

I keep trying numerous ways but I don’t know how to do multiple surfaces at once.

They’d always be a collection of triangular surfaces created from auto surfacing a couple of polylines, Or polylines to a point. The detailing curves are drawn over the 2d unrolled triangle surfaces then split between each triangle to allow them to roll back onto the 3d.
I can find multiple ways which work fine for just one surface done manually.

As the polylines change, so do the amount of triangle surfaces so I can’t make a set amount of individual map components to do it.

I think it must be by using lists to compare matching surfaces then using streams to run them through the Map component.
The Map components I can’t figure out how to input multiple streams into them to do this.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I could post up a definition of how I can’t do it if it’s not clear.

Sorry the title should say Tri Map, not TripMap