Trial version Rhino 7 missing toolbar for SubD Tutorial

Hello, I have just finished a tutorial with Rhino 7 (trial version) and am happy about the new SubD tool.
It makes a lot of fun , but I 've had some problems with the program to finish the ring.
(Video: Rhino 7 SubD Fleur de Lis ring):

The toolbar ist not complete. Some importend command are not there,e.g. :
-The Isocurve Command Button(Ring) is missing. I had some help from someone here,but the next time the program was opened, the button was gone.
-It was not possible to activate the Control or Working points of a curve.(see Tutorial 15:01).
-I opened the selection filter, which wasn’t there either, but there was no way to work like the tutorial.

In the end I 've made the ring nearly, looks really good.
But I have no idea how to make the SubD boolean to finish the ring. The Boolean command does not work with these SubD forms.

Could you please tell me how to get the complete toolbar and how to boolean SubD shapes ?
Would help me a lot.

Thanks a lot in advance

@Barbara89 Hi Barb!

It sounds like you might need to run the ToolbarReset command if you happen to be missing some of the stock buttons. After running the command restart Rhino and those items in the video should appear.

As for the booleans. When you boolean a subd the subd is then converted to a nurbs object so make sure you save a version of the subd should you want to go back and make large edits to the shape.

Hi Travis Serio,
that was verry easy, after converting into nurbs, the boolean works, thank you !!
But the toolbar doesn’t change.(ToolbarReset)

Now I found out what the problem was. The Catwax plug-in blocked the toolbar. After removing the plugins and reseting the toolbar ,the toolbar is complete now .
But…could anybody tell me please, how to fill the grashopper Library, it’s empty ?

Thanks a lot in advance

Do you fill the library yourself or is it pre-installed?

Hi Barbara -

When you install a plug-in, the instructions will often tell you to put the files in that directory.

Thanks Wim