Trial License Problem


Hello. I get my Trial license(90 Days) Today.
But I have some problem.
I use my key, but Rhino said buy a license.

Please check this.

Wow it really shows a crying emoji?? Hahaha. That means WE KNOW THIS ISN’T YOUR FIRST TRIAL, it’s time to pay up.

Your free evaluation was from Sep 8, 2021 - Dec 7, 2021

You’ve been flagged for having multiple evaluations, if you would like to continue to use Rhino please purchase a license.

Mail said ‘will expire 05 Mar 2022’.

Well they lied, just like you did to try to scam extra trials. Maybe the check is only done or only confirmed at validation time.

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Mail said ‘will expire 05 Mar 2022’.
Is mail liar?

If you had never had a one-time free evaluation before that would be true.

You know what would be awesome? Commission a video from adorable Internet personality “Big man Tyrone” explaining things to people who ask about this.

Or maybe the guy who explains bitcoin.


you have used 15 evals, with 8 different emails to try and get more.

this equals $ 15k in software you have used or attempted to use.

It’s time to buy, you will not be allowed any more trials.


Wow, that has to be some sort of record… I think this guy deserves a trophy.

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FWIW, that person only used a single 90-days trial. That period ended yesterday. I suppose someone insisted that just using a different eMail address works and this person then tried that 7 times before reaching out.