Tri material

Hi all,

I’ve create a material where I want to apply an image to a SITE, and then have the extrusion in gray or light color to make it less visible. It’s not working.
Please could someone help.

As you can see at the image, the extrusions are not gray.

Hello - I am not sure I understand what you’re after - what renderer are you using?


I’m using V-RAY to render.

Well, actually It just worked. Not sure which was the problem.
But know, the image at the Z plane, is repeated millions of times. Any idea what did I change?

Hello - best to ask on the Vray forums for Vray specific stuff.


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I’ll. But it may be a silly thing I’ve done. The mapping is being read very very small. I cannot find the way to change through the mapbox neither the material.

Thank you though.

The tri-planar texture ignores the Rhino object UV mapping. It has its own mapping gizmo. Imagine it is a box positioned in (-size/2,-size/2,-size/2) to (size/2,size/2,size/2) having a side length equal to the “size” parameter. Position and rotation of that gizmo can be additionally changed

here is an example:

If you want the texture to appear to repeat once, make the size parameter equal to the size of the object you’re mapping, or modify the individual axis texture mapping

my cube have sizes of 39.6 / 66, having size of 12 I calculated the repeats to be 0.182 and 0.303

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Thank you ! I’ll try.

This was happening for me two. The strage fix was: select one object and hide the rest of geometry. When I unhide the display is good.