Random geometry from tangent circles

Hello everybody,

Is there a way to do in a generative way this kind of geometries in grasshopper? Basically I just want to create this sort of “drop” from 4 tangent circles, as showen in the example.

I think it is possible. What are the requirements and inputs for this ‘drop’?

Hey Jack,
Thanks for your reply.

I just want to make that 4 circles tangent and be able to change the position and diameter (or radius). But most important thing they should always be tangential. Then I am just interested on baking the intersection of those lines. (The yellow line in the picture)

Tricky - interested in solutions to this.
One thing - the two larger circles on inside of the largest are not tangential, breaking your rule … is this intentional?

Hey nick,

Thank you for pointing that out. That’s right that two circles shouldn’t be tangential

This is not very accurate, but it could help.tangent.gh (12.0 KB) tangent

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Try this

tangent circles.gh (13.4 KB)


Hello Mikael,

Thank for helping. This kind of works, but I can’t when I try to change it just makes the 2 circles in the center to have an equal radius.

Also I do not know which component did you use after Curve/curve. It is not in the .gh file.

Hey Seghier,

This looks great, but actually I cant’s use it as the circle fit component gives an error.

Try to replace it
and the script need improvement when the 2 circles intersect

you’re right, my solution does’t allow you to chose radii of inner circles.
the component i use is “point trim curve” from pufferfish tool

Cool! htank for that I’ll give it a try

Script improved to solve when the two circles intersect

tangent circles2.gh (14.6 KB)

Hey Seghier,

Still can’t see the circles…

Replace ir by this

You Could also Simplify that whole section to this to create the circles

and then could even put both the circles though this workflow :slight_smile:

There are always many solutions
But it’s better to show the more detailed solution to people so they can understand step by step

Thank you guys!

I still a bit lost, as I am not a Grasshopper expert. Not working yet, but this is how far I got.

All components plugged to (fit circle)
Plug them to the new circle

tangent circles2.gh (21.0 KB)

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