Hi all!
I am trying to create continuous tree structure columns using Anemone. But because the input is a point and so has to be the output, I can’t get a set of columns, but only their base points on each floor and only one column at a time. Does anyone have any idea how this problem can be solved?
Please, find a sketch of my idea and the grasshopper file attached.
Thanks in advance!

Tree structure - (16.0 KB)

You could possibly do this with a linear array instead of a loop in anemone cause what you are doing seems to be nothing more than an array …

Tree structure - (32.8 KB)

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Thank you a lot!

I tried to think of an example where a loop makes sense.

In this definition, a series of three points is moved vertically with a random distance and then each point gets projected to the next surface in two random directions. In this case you need a loop, since you have twice as many points after every loop. The resulting lines can be cleaned up with the topologizer plugin.

Tree structure - array and (41.3 KB)


This one worked for me. I couldn’t use the array because the following trees have to choose where to start - from the first branch point or the second. Thanks a lot!

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