Separate triggering points for the different columns


I want to separate the column points as it is all mixed up and is creating a collision. Someone, please help me with it. the columns are set with a surface isotrimmed from the above structure. Please, help me with it as i have a submission tomorrow.

top (30.8 KB)
top lines rhino.3dm (34.7 KB)

I want something like this

Fix and simplify your gh to get help.
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top lines rhino.3dm (34.7 KB)
top (30.8 KB)

Please set the curves in rhino and help me.

I don’t have Anemone so can’t really help there, but it seems to me all your “sections” (crossed in your image) are identical. So can’t you build 1/5 of the model using what you have, then Array Linear it ?

People will feel overwhelmed and walk away if the file is too complicated.

simplified top (21.2 KB)
top lines rhino.3dm (45.2 KB)
it has anemone plugin. The separated point, why is it together for all the tree columns? I want it to be separate.

Please let me know if this is understandable.

Thank you. I tried and it worked.