Tree confusion

Hi everyone!

So I was going to make a surface like this:

So I decided to make a voronoi on a surface, fillet the cells and offset them a few times to the center by the distance to it divided by a number a number of times. Like this:

It works well with one move distance, but If I plug SERIES in this happens:

So I think there is a problem somwhere with the trees of data.

Could you people help me find the problem in my script?
Or how to make a similar surface in another way?

Thank you very much for help.wave (14.9 KB)

Not an answer to your question, but you didn’t provide script ! Your dfgdfg.jpg is not very useful (I am polite) !!!
See that it could help you

Sorry, i forgot. Also I am not interested by the stripes but the irregularity of the surface.

Surely there is another solution, but this one is not too complex.

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Thank you very much!