Tree confusion

Hi everyone!

So I was going to make a surface like this:

So I decided to make a voronoi on a surface, fillet the cells and offset them a few times to the center by the distance to it divided by a number a number of times. Like this:

It works well with one move distance, but If I plug SERIES in this happens:

So I think there is a problem somwhere with the trees of data.

Could you people help me find the problem in my script?
Or how to make a similar surface in another way?

Thank you very much for help.wave (14.9 KB)

Not an answer to your question, but you didn’t provide script ! Your dfgdfg.jpg is not very useful (I am polite) !!!
See that it could help you

Sorry, i forgot. Also I am not interested by the stripes but the irregularity of the surface.

Surely there is another solution, but this one is not too complex.

wave (12.0 KB)

Thank you very much!

Hi, I’ve been playing around with the algorithm attached by @laurent_delrieu but do not know how to bake the surface with the adulation as per the reference image (Untitled-1.jpg) attached by @zebedeusz123. After I bake I’m only left with curve geometry. Does anybody know how to achieve the wavy surface?

Just look at the others discussions. There is a discussion o this subject on this forum.

and surely this one

and this

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction! New to Rhino and wasn’t sure on some of the terminology to come across these. Much appreciated :slight_smile: