Transparent Text>Capture Viewport to File >Transparent Background

My PBS texture goes transparent when Capture Viewport to File >Transparent Bckground Option is selected (see pics below) This has only been happening since new version update, how can I solve this please? I tried changing rendering setting to transparent, but no luck. I only need a screenshot, I would prefer no to have to raytrace or render. I tried changing material types but still no luck.
Any help please? Thanks in advance!

The problem seems to lie in the plastic material - I am still poking at this. It seems an immediate fix is to change the material type to ‘custom’ but obviously something is amiss.


@Tania_Tania - thanks, keep in mind this is a public forum…


oops! This has completely escaped me… can you please delete the link?


I am having a similar issue: When in Rendered Mode and using Capture Viewport to File (or Capture Viewport to Clipboard) some Materials become Transparency. In Raytraced Mode, there is no issue. The issue only happens, when “Transparent Background” is turned on. When turned of there is no problem. Independently of material type, white Materials do not have the issue, and dark/black materials become transparent. Changing to Material Type Custom solves the issue. However, I can not change all Material types, as I am working with a shared Material Library and Block Instances that already have Materials applied that I can not change.

The issue seems to only occur on my PC, as colleagues can open the file(s) and do not come over this issue.

See attached screenshots and the Rhino File with some Materials and System Info.

Rhino Display Issue.3dm (2.6 MB)
Rhino System Info.txt (2.5 KB)

I also have this issue, but with PBR materials on transparent background only. Is there a bug report asociated with this issue? Apart from my own this is a second related topic that seems to have died without much notice. It´s sad because this used to work fine, I´ve wrapped my workflow around this feature when it comes to usable previews for customers skipping prolonged rendering and now I´m back in the old ways.
I´d be greatful for any update on this, thanks.

Hey kral,
I know… it’s very frustrating
Have you tried changing the material(s) type(s) to Custom? It should work as expected.

Yes, but I can´t get any comparable results with custom compared to PBR, can I …

Yes, this also absolutely destroys my workflow and it used to work flawlessly before… Is there a way to get McNeel to get to know this problem and maybe come up with a solution?