Transparent material export in glb


I am trying to export a simple box with transparency in .glb (binary) format but unfortunately all the results shows solid type of materials.

and this is my export option:

Exported glb:

The glossiness seems to work well, but the transparency doesn’t get applied regardless of the export settings.

And ultimately, I’ll generate geometries and materials using grasshopper to bake it to the rhino with the right materials that I’d be able to export it as glb later.

I’ve attached the .gh file and it contains Human plugin for material generation.

I would be grateful for any help you could provide. Thank you in advance! (9.5 KB)

I am not sure what file exporter you used.
I found another exporter in the package manager:

Using the following settings :

It seems to be working.

as viewed on this site


I’ve used the one above glTF-BinExporter so

Okay I will use the second one with the recommended settings.

Have you opened that .glb file on windows default 3D viewer by any chance?
For some reason my previous tests are shown transparency on the site but not on the windows 3d viewer.