Transparent canvas question

Can we attach a form to Grasshopper window which have the same location and dimensions of the active canvas following this order

  1. Grasshopper on the top
  2. New form
  3. Rhino

The idea is to make the canvas transparent and the attached form in the back prevent using Rhino viewports.
Can this work?

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The wormhole from the old forum by Daniel is really impressive.

This can be done with Panel component, But something like in Dynamo and Blender is better

Or make the whole canvas transparent

Or at least let us have Grasshopper in a viewport in Rhino. Then you could have shortcuts to switch to it. It would just be the canvas and not all the rest of the UI. Would need a good solution for that.

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have you watched this?

sir, @garciadelcastillo made a really cool tutorial for changing the color of GH canvas

maybe this will work to transparent the background of the grasshopper canvas.


Somehow I don’t really like this idea. It makes my solution very difficult to read.

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Most of the elder members here, have discussed this topic and tried various solutions long time ago. Practically, I have never seen somebody using any of the possible solutions in practice. Simply because of the large amount of (not obvious) drawbacks. Grasshopper is a second application. Using a single (standard) screen is just not working well if you need to handle two applications at the same time. If you are serious about Grasshopper, the first thing you should get is a second screen or an ultra-wide monitor.


This is your personal opinion

We don’t have the same point of view

Sure, I’m just saying that this is not a new idea, there are solutions and I have not observed people making use of these solutions. The conclusion could also be that these solutions are badly done, or that the reality is different to my observation.

I noticed that some people instead of providing help, they post suggestions or their personal opinions which are all off topic.
Please when someone ask a specific question he is looking for an answer, he doesn’t want to waste time in discussion of personal opinions.

Make the canvas transparent is possible but it is not useful

Let me try again:

Dear Seghier,

yes, this can work! But it will be hard as a 3rd party developer, usually changes at this level have to be done by the main developer(s). I personally question the usefulness (but this is my personal opinion and should motivate you to review your idea).

All the best, hope I could help you.

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IMO, It is tough to focus on a script in the Dynamo viewport when definitions become more complex than the geometric representation.