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An announcement for GH Online Training yesterday, and more specifically, the illustration image in that post:

At work, I put the GH editor window on one screen and have a Rhino viewport available on my other screen. When not at work, I only have my laptop screen and am constantly moving the GH editor out of the way or double-clicking the title bar to minimize the editor. What if the editor was transparent and one can see the Rhino viewport behind it?


That’s a great idea!!
Maybe a good suggestion for Microsoft too…

This might work for you.

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I generally like your ideas @wim, but this one…
Please NO. (Or at least make it optional.)

Dynamo works in this way and I find it SOOOO ANNOYING…

IMHO of course…

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No problem, it should be optional, of course.
I’ve tried it a bit with the components that @AndersDeleuran pointed to, and while that works fine, I don’t always turn it on. I’m glad to be able to turn it on when I need it but equally glad to be able to turn it off again.

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What if there were a component that allowed for embedding a perspective viewport in the GH canvas? Would that be a useful alternative? I’ve done some experiments in this area and it may be possible


That would probably be more useful, yes. At least if you can pan and zoom in that component (raising the bar…?).

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I can probably do that :wink:


And orbit… Pleeease… :blush: