Transparency texture colors are grey only


if I use a color texture at the transparency slot than it is shown b&w only. I hope it’s a bug and can be fixed. My goal is to use the Bongo video texture and to project a movie to objects.

Is a fix possible please? I need it for an important interior project.


Hi @Micha
Opacity channels are traditionally only greyscale - white is opaque, black is transparent (and greyscale colors are inbetween). You should be able to get the result you’re looking for by adding the same texture in the diffuse/color slot. Not at a computer right now, so no idea if Rhino will render the result correctly :grimacing:
HTH, Jakob

Ah, ok. I tried the texture in the diffuse slot, but the shadow stays grey. Why not let the user decide - color or b&w? For the artistic freedom it would great to have the choice. It would be logical to have a colored transparency for thin-walled objects like colorful church windows.

Also there should be a refraction texture slot for colored textures. Is it at the physic based material? I look for it but can’t find it.

At V-Ray I can set a colored refraction texture and if I enable “thin-walled” than I get the perfect result. But I can’t use the Bongo video texture here.


You should use a PBR material for projecting like that.

Here is how I would do it:

Wonderful, it works like it should work. Thank you very much for the detailed explanation. :star_struck:

Now I must bother the Chaos side, the Rhino physic material doesn’t work at V-Ray.

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