Transparency based on Camera distance

what I am missing is an option to adjust the transparency value of a curve based on its distance from the viewpoint.

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ok, sounds good.

what about transparency/opacity combined with viewport z-depth?

out of curiosity i wonder for what use cases this is a desired effect?

Wouldn’t this be something you would want for all objects? I don’t think this would be limited to or associated with linetypes.


i’m tired and lazy today. don’t want to write extensively but ok, scenario…
imagine a very detailed model with lots of geometry. let’s say you want a view that shows everything inside. with rhino you would typically use make2d, there you can show the hidden lines. though when a model has a lot of geometry that can become a hayball of continuous and dashed lines that won’t communicate the depth well. you could manually give the lines different shades of grey but it is a lot of work and is overall limited in terms of showing the three dimensional depth.

now imagine that the lines or geometry of the whole model get rendered thicker for parts that are more near to pov and get thinner the further away from pov. or instead (or both) have 100% fill near pov and get more transparent further away from pov.
if you are working with meshes this might be even more usefull when you have very dense meshes.
ghosted view does this to some extend but it isn’t really suitable/stylized or adaptable enough to generate really good images for use ouside of rhino.

I’m pretty sure someone had already proposed this a looong time ago but it didn’t get picked up.

hell yeah, even better!

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This has been requested several times over the years under different terms like “fog” or “depth cue”. I’m adding your request to the pile at.

I split this off from the linetype enhancement post as I think it is more of a general feature that would need to be applied for all objects and should not be isolated as a linetype feature.


good news, thanks for picking it up this time.

This would be super helpful when it comes to Make2D - the further the 3D geo is from cam, the thinner the line-weight and/or greyscale from beyond the ClippingPlane crvs.

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But how would this work in make2d? make2d looses the third dimension so there is no way to control the line weight or opacity, based on the lost dimension.

I think this would only work for the rhino viewport. at least that’s what I had in mind. make2d is usually used to bring curves over to illustrator to further work on them. in illustrator you also can’t apply curve effects based on z-depth. it’s just 2d.

If you want to get such line effects in 2d, you could try achieving this with grasshopper. evaluate every curve in the viewport at multiple parameters, then measure distance from pov to every point at curve parameter. then you can go on and make2d, while also carrying over the points (I think make2d in gh can do that?). after that you start manipulating the curves in 2d with the help of the distance values you collected in 3d.

For projecting ClippingPlane views into 2D plan view. Further the geo is from plane, thinner the lineweight in “visible“ curves layer.