Line weights based on depth

Im wondering if there has been any thought regarding assigning line weights during the make 2d process based on depth from an object closest to the orthographic camera. The idea being that in the make 2d panel you could set line weight or layers base on a range, ie. 0’ to 10’ there are 6 line weights assigned the furthest being the lightest and the near one being the heaviest.

Any thoughts on this?


Hi Film Designer,

A question that immediately arises is what to do with lines that go from front to back.
How would those be handled, supposing there is no feature added to have varying line thickness.


My thought is to assign to layers that already have line weights assigned, then its a matter of assigning the layer in the make 2d window based on distance. What got me thinking about this is when you create a depth map or displacement texture its base on the object distance to camera. In applications like modo the program fires a ray from the camera to the object and based on the distance it creates the depth map. Could this not be done by assigning layers to the distances calculated? Oh and this would be for orthographic views, not perspective.

Sidenote: the Rhino renderer AIR support it for outline renderings. Nice feature, far away objects can get lighter lines.

But are those vector or raster? I need vector output.

there used to be FOG test command, not vectors but it did a great job showing depth in line work. @jeff can we play with that again? I was recently using the Unity game engine and playing with their fog feature… pretty awesome.

the way to handle this otherwise is to make 2d for as many line depths as you want. Put each set on it’s own master layer and then remix weights in illustrator.

AIR supports vector output too, but I think not for the depth feature.