Rhino 8 Feature: Linetype Enhancements

looks very nice for presentation/artistic purposes. I wish for linetypes to support custom patterns though :frowning:

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Currently caps and joins are not working for linetypes with widths in units other than pixels. The pixel width linetypes should be working.

You can define custom patterns for linetypes. The sgements input lets you define a comma separated list of dashes and gaps.

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I guess he means more customizable, in AutoCad you can have linetypes with shapes and text. Its used in construction and mapping. Examples: https://www.cadforum.cz/img/sit-csn2.gif


exactly that. it is an essential thing when program is serious about drafting capabilities (for civil engineering and architecture it is a must). few type of drawings can be made without special linetypes.

The work done for linetypes that is described in this post was done to lay the foundation for further enhancements to linetypes in the future. Complex shape support will not be added to Rhino 8, but it is something we want to support in the future.


Is it possible to outline the different line types?

@Per What do you mean exactly?
A different linetype to be used as a silhouette?
Please attached a image showing what you would like to see.


Hi Mary Ann!
Like in illustrators path tool “Outline Stroke”

Or is it already “Outlined”?

Thank you, @Per .
Currently, are a couple ways to accomplish outline curves. But it will take a couple steps.
Here are some suggestions:

  • You can use the Silhouette command to trace the geometry and generate curves.
    When you have your curves, use the custom linetypes as described in this post to add any width or taper to your lines.

  • If you have an image that is not surfaces, polysurfaces or other 3D geometry which Silhouette requires, you can use the Rhino called Vectorize. (You can generate that by screen capture and paste to trace. Lots of ways to accomplish this.) The Rhino 8 Vectorized has been improved a lot. In Rhino type PackageManager and search for Vectorize. (See this thread on Vectorize). When you have your curves, use the custom linetypes as described in this post to add any width or taper to your lines.
    Trace your image with Vectorize.

  • If you are want text curves, just create text as curves with the TextObject command. as curves
    When you have your curves, use the custom linetypes as described in this post to add any width or taper to your lines.

Mary Ann Fugier

@mary Thank you for the suggestions! Now I have to try out Vectorize also :smiley: And by the way great work (as always!) with the new Lines types!!

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Looks like a lot of good stuff, especially for illustrations.

The linetype preview pane scale should be bigger or adjustable. It’s pretty much useless for telling what a standard old-fashioned linetype looks like because the patterns are so small they mostly look about the same.
Also, dots (0 length segments) don’t display at all

Dots are broken at the moment. I still need to figure out what you did to deal with zero length segments :slight_smile:

It looks like linetypes only display up to 4 segment lengths in a repeat pattern.
I have a drawing that has a linetype with a pattern of ( 4, 1, 4, 1, 1, 1 ) that used to work correctly and now displays as ( 4, 1 ) or (4, 1, 4, 1 ) .

I don’t remember but I bet it wasn’t very fancy

Thanks! Nice feature. Is there a way to extract geometry (surfaces) from the tapered linetypes?

Looks wanderful !

Curious if it can be accessed in Grasshopper in some way? Would be great to have lines that taper depending on distance from camera.

Looks amazing!

If you can also add a feature to extend the line (maybe as a multiple of width?) that would be end-game material right there!

Yes! Please see these posts.