Transforming already modelled surface into creased surface

Hi, how are you? I´m a quite new with grasshopper and i´m trying to figure out how to transform a surface or polysurface into a creased one for a university project. can anybody help me or has a similar definition ?
I will show you an example:


Here it seems that it was modelled and then the creases were made.

Thank you all in advance!

You didn’t show any example of what you have tried before asking for help.

// Rolf

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Nicoo, as you are new into this forum i might link you the usual and really useful post:

Please read it ^

That said, you are lucky! Something similar was already done:


Hi Rolf. Thank you for your answer. I used this definition to make creases in a curve. But this only lets me do loft and not modifying an existing sorface/solid.

wave on (13.7 KB)

Here’s one way to do it.

Note that in my example the ribs aren’t uniform because the shape is not round, but would be if round. To achieve uniform rib spacing of a non-round shape like this, instead of a polar array of the cutting surfaces, you could do a curve pattern of them along the part perimeter curve.

Ribbed Outer (18.0 KB)

EDIT: This geometry is so cool and GH makes it so easy to create, gotta love the GH!!! I’ve done similar (far more complicated with curved ribs on a compound curved surface, plus vents) in Solidworks, but GH has so much more flexibility and ease of tuning.