Transforming a grid of various Geometries

Edit: HS_Kim provided the GH way but I kinda want to know how to do the Python code because I think it’s shorter? Is it? IDK.
There is the geometry and point set already and I have found a general way to translate, rotate and scale but I want to do the following with an understanding of matrices because I am trying to learn via that concept:

–Rotation angle increases for every column by 15 degrees

  • Scale each geometry by 10% decrements in z-direction for each row (Like row 2 is 0.9 but row 3 is 0.8 of the size)
  • No scaling and rotating items in the diagonal.
    Grid.3dm (1.5 MB) Suggested (10.7 KB)

You want to do it with python? This is a GH way.

Suggested (25.3 KB)

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Oh interesting. I thought the Python would have been shorter though and wanted to learn the code for the increments since I suck with coding. Thank you though! :smiley: