Transform and remove original geometry

How can I transform, in my case using two stacked RotAx modules in grasshopper, and then remove all geometry except the final surface meshes?

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I have set of surface meshes as input geometry. I want to rotate that geometry and just get the final product out without have to manually delete the original geometry.

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Rickson, this is my first question on here. Do I need to explain what geometry is? Or what a rotation is? I literally had to create the script on the right just to rotate an object the way I precisely wanted.

I have geometry

I rotate it

Rhino and Grasshopper keep both. They copy the geometry to transform it.

Is there a module or script or something that I can use to systematically delete the original geometry.

Is there a script or function in Grasshopper to delete geometry?
geometry = a set of surface meshes

Depending on the workflow you can right click bake to a particular layer, then delete the original if need be.

One way would be to use worksessions to reference in your geometry, then bake into a new file.

Most of the people that answer questions are at work; so posting relevant geometry, overall goal and specific questions will get you answers quickly. Hence the “how to ask effective questions” sticky – it really is important.

I am currently using the right click bake and delete method. I would consider that a manual approach. I am looking for something more robust especially when my geometry is a set of surface meshes and small rotation creates difficult navigation into regions hunting for the right mesh to delete.

bake into a new file? can you elaborate?

The overall goal is to remove the original geometry.

See if this helps:

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I use elefront for these types of operations.

The Bakename will replace any previously baked instances, you can also modify the layer of the original geometry to a delete layer as you bake the new geometry. Easy to demo if you posted a file.

Elefront is useful and could be combined with Rhino worksession.
“The Worksession command manages a list of models that are being used as reference geometry.”