Deleting a mesh - should be really simple

Hi! I need to delete this mesh using Grasshopper.
I know its not practical and I can easily delete it by pressing the “delete” button - but since its an essay for college all the steps MUST be on GH.
I already tried deconstructing the mesh and then deleting element by element bur it’s not working. I also couldn’t find a gh command capable of replicating the delete button.
As you can see in the image, I need to erase this wall.
I would be very grateful if someone could help me find a way to do this!

On grasshopper there is no “delete”.
Geometries are stored in parameters (as in your picture) and they just exist or not in a given data flow.

Do you want to delete a rhino geometry from grasshopper?
You can do that with a simple C# script, through guid.

Please explain better.

Code as suggested by @603419608 here: Delete object (4.3 KB)

Yes! That was exactly what I wanted
Thank you so much