Transfer Project Standard

To export from Revit to Autocad it is necessary to adjust 1.“Select Export Setup” and 2.“Select Views and Sheets to Export”. It is possible to transfer the first setting from one model to another with “Transfer Project Standards” in the Management tab, but 2. it is not possible to transfer it or I cannot find it. I have a large list of plans and I wanted to know: is it possible to transfer them with RIR?

Thank you

Something like this?

Hello,Japhy. I do not mean that. Otherwise, to the list of views to export a DWG or PDF.

I’m not seeing any methods of transferring a ViewSet, you can get the list but this wouldn’t correspond to views in other projects.

Get Sheet (10.9 KB)

Thank you very much, Japhy. The problem comes because I am working on a project that has a large number of views (approx. 200) and in which the geometry is updated while preserving the views. I need to select about 50 views, which takes me a while to select each time the model is updated.

From what I have seen, it is not possible to save the Revit configuration to use it in another file that has the same views.

Here’s a quick way to create sheets sets with PyRevit

If you don’t preselect it provides a couple ways to filter your search