Transfer data from Rhino to other application

Hello everyone! I have a task to send some simple data, like an array of numbers from Rhino to InDesign. I have yet to gain experience doing such a cross-operation in Windows. From the InDesign side, I can grab it using JavaScript. The first ideas ofc are the file-based method and clipboard. Maybe there’s an easier/smart way to transfer the array?

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What’s the actual problem you’re trying to solve? Is the user basically pasting into a table at the other end?

I use both the clipboard and text file reads/writes regularly.

If the user flow you’re trying to support is satisfied with the clipboard, then that might be the easiest way. The Eto controls make using the clipboard easy in a way that works on Windows and Mac.

Clipboard Class (

Either clipboard or text file makes it really easy to test and verify that you’re getting the data from the Rhino end and formatting it correctly, so I’d recommend that even if you later decide to put something else (file export? COM interface?) in place.

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Yes, I want to send polygon area numbers from Rhino to a certain InDesign table

In that case, Eto.Clipboard should take care of you… you can assign the Text property or use SetString.

If you haven’t done it before, most applications receiving Pastes will be happy with tab (“\t”) between columns and “\r\n” between rows. If copy/pasting from Excel tables into InDesign works, then so should this.

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