Training manual Level 2

Hello all,

I’m a Mac Rhino user and relatively new to Rhino and just finished my level 1 training course. I have now downloaded the level 2 training manual and I have become hindered straight away at PART II : Interface Customization, as this refers to the Windows version!?

Q. Is there a Mac specific version of the level 2 training manual? or any replacement / additional Mac documentation on PART II, Interface Customization?

From briefly looking at this sectionl and the Mac interface the two seem quite different.

Any help regarding the mac interface would be greatly welcome :slight_smile:

Hi Aaronm,
The eventual goal for Rhino for the Mac is parity between with Rhino for Windows.
Service releases of Rhino for Mac contain features that were not in the very first release.

We hope to complete a set of Rhino for Mac training materials, but we are all on many projects so progress is sporadic. However, it helps to know that you are looking for this.

Here is a list of all the commands not in Rhino for the Mac yet. That might help if you try to use the Level 2 book.

Currently you best resources are the User Guide , the OnLine Help and of course, the Forum.

Please let us know exactly what you are wanting to do. And we will tell you if it is possible or a missing feature, at this point.

Mary Ann Fugier

Thanks for reposting this list, Mary. I recall some discussion about prioritizing various missing commands based on user requests or input of some kind, but don’t recall what this method is, other than creating new threads here.

Is there a more formal process for requests (such as an ability for users to vote or prioritize various items)?

Choosing what to fix vs implement is always a hard juggling act, no doubt! Bugs generally get priority (for good reason) but in some cases a small bug in a rarely used function (especially if there is a workaround) might sometimes be less important to users than a few frequently used features in WinRhino that have not yet migrated to MacRhino.

(Here I think of things like: multiple ways to select objects and the ability to view a list of custom command keyboard shortcuts by exporting this list.)

Thanks again for all the hard work with MacRhino—it’s really shaping up nicely!


Hi Dave,
The Forum is the over all, hands down, best place to post what you are looking for and can not find.
If you are running the WIP of Rhino for the make, the “Change Log” (link on WIP download page) details what is new in the latest work in progress. When an new release is out, the Change log will include what has been added.

Product Manager Dan Belcher is the chief juggler.
Some times the priority has nothing to do with the feature, but the dependencies that the feature needs to be support by. So yes, the noisy wheel gets the attention, and that generally true here too.

Thanks for your comments.
We are working hard to make Rhino for Mac the best it can be,
Mary Ann Fugier

I would suggest editing the list to indicate which features are not going to make it to the mac. E.g.,

XYZX - Specific to the Windows User Interface

It think it would make the list look shorter. :smile:

As I have said before, this is a very impressive V1.0 product!

Hi Jim,
The goal is parity.
So I do not believe that there is any feature that will not be part of the Mac version at some point.

But it will be a few releases away.
If it is possible for you, testing the Rhino for Mac WIP and watching the Discourse Forum for announcements are the bast ways to keep on top of what is currently being added.

Kind regards,
Mary Ann Fugier

Will there not be user interface differences? One of the features list is ToolbarLock. I presume there are some moveable toolbars in the Windoze UI that do not (will not?) exist in the Mac version. Be that the case, the lack of such a command on the Mac version is no loss at all.