Customizing the tools and overall interface isssues Rhino 6

Hi everybody,
I am a rhino user since study time and started with Rhino 2.0 and used it ever since until today (RH6).
I recently switched to Mac and have to say that the program is not all all working for my workflow.

  1. I cannot arrrange the windows and toolboxes how I could on the PC version
  2. I cannot freely set my keyboard hotkeys
  3. I cannot edit the tools icons.

Other then that I think the program might work, but the lack of customizability or at lest the now way more compley way of changing some tools behavior is a big minus compared to the PC version.

Why did you change it it was great before.


You can customize the Mac Rhino interface somewhat, but not to the degree that you can in Windows Rhino - where virtually everything is customizable. People moving to Mac Rhino after years of using Windows Rhino are often frustrated.

Some info - on #2 and #3 at least:

and maybe

Thanks for the fast reply/ but why in the world did the developers not Transfer the program 1:1 - it was great on Windows , why make it worse for Mac - just don’t get it.

I haven’t either since development began in 2007, but I’m not a Mac user. There are reasons, all of which could be discussed endlessly, but that ship sailed long ago in any case.

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