Trackpad > 'Use two fingers to pan and rotate views' — Disables after computer enters sleep

I have the setting enabled in preferences to use two fingers to pan instead of zooming, and it works, except every time my computer (MacBook Pro 13", 2021 M1) goes to sleep and I wake it up again, using two fingers only zooms the model as if the setting was disabled, and won’t work again until I quit the app and reopen it. When I check the preferences > trackpad setting, it is always enabled, just non-functional, and disabling and re-enabling it won’t solve the problem without restarting the app.

Aside from that needing a fix, you are aware that currently Apple Silicon/M1 - No for now ?

Ah thank you. It’s working decently well for me currently. I’ll post any issues I have on that linked page.

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Bumping this since I have also been experiencing this issue, and wonder if there has been a fix