Toy Model in Rhino

Model in Rhino, Rendered with Modo


Fantastic! Good retro style.

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Love it,

And with a darker wall (gray 5)?

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And will it come in an adult size?


Tx :slight_smile:

why not !

This toy looks amazing, but it is very small! What was this mini-car designed for?

Wow, this is a masterpiece! I love retro-style toys. Interesting to know the actual size of this toy! Is it limited collection or is it on sale?

If it’s a small size, I will buy it for my son. You know, I like the bobbleheads best. They are little man-shaped toys that can be custom-made to your liking. I gave one of these to my boss, who collects them. I would also like to purchase some Marvel limited edition toys. Any recommendations?