Built with rhino!

All built in rhino, rendered in maxwell, and keyshot



Hi Kyle,
Awesome work! I would like to see the VX100 rendered with a metallic flake effect don’t know if it’s doable in Rhino, Vray has this great stochastic flake material.
Thanks for posting your inspirational works.

Effects like metal flake are possible using pbr materials. You can create one in substance or alchemy and use it in rhino now that cycles supports pbr in rhino! (Also pbr emissive with correct light falloff!)

Give it a go and see how it goes!

Fantastic!! When, how, for what. Give us more story to read.

From 2001 to 2017, I was a design and modeling consultant For mattel and built all of these from art supplied by mattel. These were all built in rhino and rendered in maxwell or keyshot.

Good times, great people and fun projects. Luckily after their work dried up and I was Able to pivot to Mcneel full time.

And again, good times, great people (Including you all!) and fun projects. I am a lucky guy. :slight_smile:


Very nice! You never know how it ends. For example the Citroën Osee made by Nicola Jardin was inspired in a toy car.

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A lot of recent Japanese cars seem reminiscent of hotwheels cars from the '60s…


wow, great designs, I love it, thanks for shared, it’s a nice inspiration

Designs are all credit to Mattel, I’m just the humble model/render monkey on these.