Tower concept WIP

Grasshopper, Rhino and Twinmotion 2020


It must be a dark place inside this tower :wink:


i like the renderings, did you use something like subsurface scattering for the leaves? and how long was the render time in each of them? is twinmotion a standalone render package?

All trees are from library with predefined materials.
Twinmotion based on Unreal render engine.
Render time maybe 15 minutes for all images , but more faster in powerful GPU pc.

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The renders are amazing Seghier, Bravo!

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Nice optimistic architectural renders.

One little thing: I don’t get the inclusion of diaphragm bokeh effects in what are patently not photorealistic images.

very cool!

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Bokeh and other camera effects are included in Twinmotion like in games, and i don’t mind using it

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Wow! Very nice, I hadn’t discovered the birds yet. :star_struck:

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What spec of machine / GPU were you using? From where I’m coming from, 15mins to do one of those would be amazing. To do 9 or so images at 1080p res in 15mins is just mind-blowing.

I used old HP workstation laptop and it is very slow with GPU
You can use any new laptop or pc with powerful gpu card

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