Torus as Fillet

rhino mac 7 current version Version 7 (7.30.23130.11002, 2023-05-10)

_fllletEdge finds a precise Torus
_filletSrf just approximates it - this will give precision issues for later steps.

it would be important that also _filletSrf finds the torus / revolve.
_filletEdge without trim/join also does not give a torus / revolve

NoRevolve.3dm (3.5 MB)

Depending on your needs at the time, both of those seems appropriate.
What am I missing?

I am also curious about this?

Why does FilletSrf give us “just a surface” and FilletEdge surface of revolution?

Hi all- As I recall, FilletEdge was cleaned to make revolves where possible but evidently FilletSrf not - I will add this to the pile.
RH-75374 FilletSrf: Simplify to revolves



Above example is taken from this years fillet exercise I asked my students to do.
Same course / test as last year - old exercise see here.

if the surface is build as revolve the intersection works nice: green curve until (x).
if the surface is build as approximation by _filletSrf (what many students did) the intersection and trimming does not work in some cases: red curve not hitting (x) but an edge.

NoRevolve_example.3dm (254.3 KB)

A well implemented test for a revolve / torus will give much better results for the next / dependent modelling steps an handle tolerance in a much more “economic” way. (my guess…)

hope this explains the background of my wish - kind regards - tom

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did my explanation / example convince you ?

any update on this topic ?
this seams not been worked on, even if filletSrf got an (UI-) Update for V8

will you become the new fillet-Expert ?

Here is another very basic example, inspired by the Tangent Cylinders wiki example
I use this to introduce my students for “Pointy fillets”

with a correct torus / revolve rhino is able to find the target point (x)

with the approximated _filletSrf result not

thanks for some action in the field of fillets - and hopefully you can bring some early results maybe in some testcommand… “_testFilletSrfV9” “_testFilletEdgeV9”

kind regards -tom

tangentCylinders_torusMissing.3dm (3.9 MB)

thanks @Tom_P I added that file to the YT

I hope to grow into that role yes, as @chuck’s retirement is approaching.