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Hello!!! I have a part of a cylinder, but with a chamfer on the face… I can’t at all have fillets on the side, whatever method I try (fillet edges, fillet surface)… What would be the way??? thank you for help!tranche-test.3dm|attachment (1.9 MB)

It seems that the 3dm file didn’t follow… I upload a jpg of my problem!!

Hello this is the link - it somehow got corrupted in your post


Dear Graham
the problem, that filletEdge / FilletSurface won 't work is the revolved curve (_extractIsocurve):
It has some very “vivid” curvature.
the second time you run a fillet, you have to fillet with a smaller Radius then before.
the smallest Radius of your curve is somewhere smaller then Radius = 0.064mm
So the next Fillet has to be smaller then that - but you are close to document-Tolerance so you should start with another, more proper curve to revolve.

there is a lot of un-precision in your file - the both Surfaces to not point to the Center…

the full workflow:
redraw everything
draw an rectangle
_chamfer Distances 1.3 and 1.3
_filletCorners R0.5
_filletEdge R0.4 (less then R0.5)

or if you want all edges the same Radius
do not _filletCorners the curve but use FilletEdge on all Curves.

if you need G2 do the same / second approach with BlendEdge

tranche-test_fillet.3dm (4.8 MB)

good luck

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Hello- try `DivideAlongCreases’ on the object first then try the filleting.