Topic header colors (blue/gray)

Can someone please enlighten me as to what the color change of the topic title is supposed to indicate? The color change is pretty subtle here - depending on which screen I’m looking at it with, nearly invisible - but most importantly, I don’t know what it’s supposed to mean, as in the image attached, I have read ALL the topics, started a few, and posted on many.
Thanks, ----H

Yes, please!
I know I haven’t read all the topics in all categories but how do I tell which ones?
It looks like there are 3 different colors in the list…

Odd. Only color change I see on read topics is closed (archived) threads (they are light colored).

Yes, I would very much like to know too… (This is my first post here: Hi everyone :slight_smile:


Also, can the color changes be made less subtle?

No answers here… this is still buggy, as I have again read all the topics and I still get some blue and some gray, and I don’t see why.

Can you shed any light on this topic?

The subtle background change is there for cosmetics only, it visually helps you tell where the lines are.

It has no other meaning.

Hi Sam,
I wasn’t talking about the slight gray background in alternate lines - this is good but should be made slightly stronger IMO - but rather the actual type color of the topic title. On some, I get a definite blue color - around RGB 80,120,170 maybe, whereas on others the type is much more gray-ish, something like RGB 140,150,160… as you can see in my original image in the topic titles below the arrow. I don’t understand what this color change signifies…

Yeah … its totally way too subtle, the off blue indicates you visited the link on your browser the blue means it is unvisited. … note this is a per browser standard thing so it can get extra confusing if you are using multiple browsers to interact with Discourse. We can consider changing that cause we know what you actually visited.

OK, NOW it’s making sense (I understand why it does what it does) however, for many people like me who visit this site from several different locations (I have 4 personally, 2 workstations, a laptop and an iPad), this doesn’t make much sense… I will never have a real use for this unless it could be linked to my user profile…
Thanks, --Mitch

Yeah, I think we can fix this so the profile overrides the browser pref. It makes sense for many of our users.

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