Changing Topic Colors

In recent past, when I’ve received ‘new’ topics, they appeared with (new) and a dark grey lettering. When read, the dark grey would go light grey. Currently, the topic names do NOT change colors when read.

I miss the old way.

Yes this was relying on the browser’s native “visited” and “non-visited” link colors.

We felt it was inconsistent long term as it only reflects the current browser, and people tend to browse on lots of different devices now – so there were questions about it and it was confusing folks overall.

I agree it is somewhat useful, but only if you know exactly what’s going on…

@sam can clarify as needed.

So how do I get it back? Internal setting [firefox]?

There is a very detailed explanation here:

The main hole this left is that if you have the topic list in one tab and then open tabs for each topic stuff can get confusing.

There are 2 things you can do

  1. Change workflow and simply use the Suggested Topics (which easily allow you to work through your queue)

  2. I am intending amend it so the the blue circles update live, which will make a tabbed workflow work fine.