Tools Menu - Export Option / Import Options Not Working [preferences]

I attempted to use the “Tools” Menu, sub-options “Export Options” and “Import Options” and although they were NOT greyed out they both error with the message “UNKNOWN COMMAND” in the command text box.

Anyone know of this or? I know there are other methods to export my options to backup - but I can’t understand why this is the first Rhino 5 default menu command I have found that fails to work. As you can tell, I have only used it once before - before the last update file and now it is broken (?).

I can’t seem to find anyone else posting about such issue so though I would throw it out there.

This is Rhino for Windows?
In Options>Plug-ins, is the Rhino Options Manager plug-in installed and loaded and checked “Enabled”?


You guys keep looking smarter and smarter…Me, not so much :slight_smile:

Thanks - you were spot on.