Tools > Import options does not load settings correctly

Hi all,

To copy options to our users I created view settings for wireframe and rendered mode. I export options and then load them.

I import options, but the rendered view does not update. Only after I go to tools => import options and press OK. I do not change any settings, just open settings and close.

Example gif:

Hereby the settings file:
Rhino_Settings.ini (151.9 KB)

Probably a minor bug?

Checking it, thanks.


I reported quite awhile back that OptionsImport was fairly broken in V7 - probably has not gotten fixed.

Yes it is… @jordy1989 - it looks, at the moment, like importing just ‘Advanced Display’ will get the rendered mode - but checking all does not. Still poking…
Actually it looks like forcing a refresh is needed to see the change either way - maybe that is what you are reporting.
This is what I can reproduce so far-
RH-63242 OptionsImport: Display modes lag when imported


Hi @pascal ,

This bug also happens when i try to change settings in the display modes:

Any idea when these bugs are fixed?

Or is there a workaround to force a refresh?

Hereby a short example

        var rendered = Rhino.Display.DisplayModeDescription.FindByName("Rendered");
        rendered.DisplayAttributes.ShadeVertexColors = true;


I gave it a bump…


RH-63853 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate