Why doesn't 100% of settings import with "import options"?

Even in V7 WIP, I noticed that the window layout, always record history option, tool settings (like naked edges for the edge analysis panel) and especially display modes (which can only be imported one-by-one unless you use scripts) don’t get imported when you do “import options” with “select all” (and of course, toolbars are also a separate import).

This is problematic if you want to deploy Rhino with the same settings across a company network.

Anyone ran into this where they work? How did you avoid running around to everyone’s PCs and manually setting them up?

The window layout is not part of settings as far as I know. The display modes and history settings should however import AFAIK. Funny in checking OptionsExport here, all that I get are display modes… nothing else. That seems wrong.

This page has the best instructions from exporting and importing most settings:

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