The perspective match function

Please can you make something to improve the perspective match function?
As it works in v5 is really useless to me…

I don’t like to mention other software, so please take a look at the best solutions that have been found and try to copy them… :wink:


No Answer?

I guess that a deeper description would help…

How is it useless? What doesn’t work?
What are you missing? How could it be improved?

In Rhino perspective match works only if you know the exact size, or at least proporctions of a reference inside the image, and even if you have it, it’s really dificult to use, it’s not usable, especially if we compare it to what you see on other software where two vanishing lines direction plus verticals lines are enough to match the perspective of almost any image…
Any other software uses this simple way to match perspective… just ask you why… :wink:
Thanks for your interest

no hope?

Rhino perspective match works as well as sketchup or cinema4d for me. If you know the focal length of the camera which took the photo, accuracy is greatly improved.

From a previous discussion:

free download -

I think this is already on the wishlist:
@Pitti, I have referenced your comments too

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@Rodri Thank you so much.

@h.skolnick you are telling me to use an external software to do the perspective match, I do it already, the point is I would like to do the job inside rhino, and in a few moves if possible. :wink:


Yes, I agree that the way the current perspective tool works is not useful at all.

Andrea MontisPitti :You are welcome.:slight_smile: