Help with toolbar

Hello, I am brand new and trying to learn this through watching videos. Will someone please tell me how to access the toolbars? I am only able to see a limited toolbar at the left. I have no “options”.

On Rhino for Mac use the Window drop down menu > Active tool palettes

Thank you! Is there a way to save that in a bar? When I watch the video it looks like that info is in a bar at the top. Or in a pop-up
it’s a video.
I can not find “options”- where is that?
Thank you for trying to help. I really appreciate it. I don’t know why this is so amazingly difficult for me.

You can’t expect to use Rhino for Windows U/I controls for Mac Rhino.
That’s where the two platforms probably differ the most.

Here’s a couple links for Mac Rhino information:

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Thank you!

That tutorial is for windows …