Sidebar not linking to Tab changes



Hi there,

Was just wondering if anyone knew how to re-setup/re-activate the sidebar linking functionality?
Seems as though when I cycle through the Tabs in the main toolbar my sidebar is not linking anymore.
VERY ANNOYING!!! Tried a toolbar reset but to no avail.

I seem to remember this happening sometime in the past, but usually it sorts itself out with a service-release (as far as I can remember).

Anyone else experienced this same issue and what was your solution??



(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Rupert- right-click on the tabs and choose Properties and see if they have a linked sidebar. Not all of the default tabs do, or they are set to Main, but many have a sidebar - like MeshTools, RenderTools, others.



Fixed my issues completely. Thanks so much.



Hi Pascal,

sorry for warming this up, i got one very related question:

If a user has multiple ToolBars docked inside the left SideBar, and it also shows tabs there, is the SideBar linking supposed to bring the linked ToolBar (one of the tabbed ones) to front when it kicks in ?

I’ve seen today a user who found that it does not, but i am not sure if this is by design.

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi Clement - I’d say that it is not by design, as in designed not to do that, so much as not designed to do that. It may be that it can be, it certainly seems reasonable. I’ll check with the developer.