Toolbar Resizing - BUG?


I’ve noticed that WIP doesn’t resize the toolbars to the smallest possible. Even after selecting resize to content, some toolbars still have lots of empty space…

See attached.

Hi Sach -
I think this is on the list as RH-71817 Floating toolbar groups cannot be sized to be a single row high
I’ve added an extra note…

related issue:

Thanks Wim.
Resizing and positioning toolbars also just feels a bit clunky. Docking is not easy to do; you need to find the small docking area rather then just aligning to an already existing UI element.

This is on the list as RH-72559 Docking: make the target zones larger

NIce - thanks

RH-71817 is fixed in the latest WIP

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RH-72559 is fixed in the latest WIP