Toolbar language default settings

Hi all. I have a problem with the toolptips of mt toolbar when i change language.
I set the tooltips for some languages, not all.
I noticed that if i change in rhino the language to one that is not set in the toolbar the tooltips are different from the ones of the english toolbar .
The dfeault language in the toolbar is set to english (1033)

Example :I have set tooltips for English , Italian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese . I did not set them for Polish.
1)I set rhino language to Italian ,everything is correct this is the shot:

  1. I set rhino language to English , everything correct , this is the shot

  1. I set rhino language to Polish (tooltips not set in my toolbar!!!), strange behaviour, this is the shot

There are some values tha are not correct , like the dx click tooltip that is in iTalian? There are a lot of mistakes in all the butons like the one in this shot, it takes values from another toolbar, not the english one, i can’t understand.
Thank you

Hello, can you send me the RUI file in question along with a couple of examples of specific buttons that are not working correctly so I can take a look?

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thank you very much for your replay. I found one hour ago the problem, even if I do not understand why it works in this way. Opening in note++ the. rui file I saw that in the tag “tooltip” of many macro I have in the first position 1040, the Italian tag. I tried to change putting the English tag1033 in the first position and it works. if now I set language for example to polish, tooltip are in English. If someone knows why please explain it.