Language menu V6


(Info) #1

hello I installed version 6 but I have a problem with the language, Italian in the toolbars but English in the menus as you see in the picture thanks

(Brian James) #2

I haven’t seen that before… can you try modifying the Rhino 6 install and choosing the language you want? Go to the Windows Start menu and right click to get to Apps and Features. Find Rhino 6 in the list and click it. Choose the Modify option. You’ll see a list of languages you can use. Any luck?

(Pascal Golay) #3

Hello - You can set the language in Tools > Options > Appearance. Do you see both Italian and English there? If so, set the one you want, then I’s also run ToolbarReset and then restart Rhino.


(Info) #4

Hello, I reinstalled with also English language and changed to tool apparence, I also did toolbarReset but it does not change.

I noticed that in appData / roaming…localization is indicated en-US while in rhino 5 localization is it-IT could this be the cause?
thank you

(Info) #5

I installed English language… in app / modify to add Italian ask file bootstrapper.exe, but only for Italian, for other languages ​​it performs update …

(Pascal Golay) #6

Hi Nevio -

That is always possible… I’ll see what I can find out.


(Info) #7

Hello, I “solved” I noticed that in the installation did not generate the folder LOCALIZATION, I installed in another PC and copied the missing folder …
thank you