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I installed Rhino in Spanish and certainly the menu bar is in spanish, but the toolbars are in English

I tried to unload and load again, but the problem persists. Even directly resore toolbar, and still can’t solve it )command ToolbarRestore)

I used the CD installation, and the problem continue, and the downloaded version from

Does Anybody know how to solve it? or where can I download Toolbar in Spanish?

Thanks for your help

Jesus Lopez

Jesus- can you please post a screen capture of some part of the UI that looks incorrect and also the rui (toolbar file) that is loading (Options > Toolbar page will tell you where that file is)




Here a copy of the screen, where you can watch Menus in Spanish and Toolbars in English

Here a link to download the RUI

Thanks for your help

Jesus Lopez

@johnM, can you take a look? The rui appears (to me) to have the right localization codes and all.


Hello, I Still have the problem

any suggest?


Jesus Lopez


I have the same problem,where can I download Toolbar in Spanish?
Rhinoceros SR9
Windows 8.1

Try this link:

Complete conversation:

Jesus Lopez

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