Toolbar entries are duplicated + can't get rid of them

I get this problem seemingly every time I update one of my plug-ins. Is there a process to remove these duplicated listings?

(It’s not a MAJOR problem, but it looks bad during one of my recorded demos.)

Hi Dave- see if those extra toolbars are showing in the Default RUI file… ?


Damn! You are both good and fast. I never thought to look there. It worked. Case closed!

OK, good- I guess the question is, how are they getting there?


The same thing has happened to mine. No idea how they got there :confused:

I’m pretty sure they happen during the plug-in update process / every time I do a new service release. I have the same problem with both V-Ray and Bongo. The installers are not seeing the pre-existing toolbar definitions – or – duplicating them purposely to avoid any conflicts.