Tool to help layout fences

Is there such a tool that can construct fences so when you click you get one section of fence. I have seen that for stairs but not fences. I have to create a fence that goes along a curved road so the array tool is not sufficient. :slightly_smiling_face:

@intuitionusa Try this:



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Hi @Fred_C,

Dividing the curve by segment length works by measuring along the curve, but what is really wanted is to measure along chords (because the fence panel is straight). If the curve is gentle and not too long, curve length will be an acceptable approximation, but the longer the fence or the sharper the curves, the greater the error.

There is a Divide Curve By Chord Length command tucked away in the the Paneling Tools plug-in (under General Utilities therein) which does the business. Note that when using it you have to run the command before selecting the curve - selecting the curve first stops the command displaying the chord length option.


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