Too Many Comparisons Between Data Trees Using SCX

Hi, I have two data trees and I would like to use the SCX component to make a comparison between a data tree of surfaces and a data tree of curves. I can perform the correct calculation by grafting input surfaces and flattening input curves however this makes 1.6m comparisons whereas a branch to branch comparison should lead to ~550k comparisons. Any suggestions on doing this neatly? I’d like to avoid exploding trees and creating multiple SCX components (88.8 KB)

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I can get around that but Data1 is full of <null> items.

I’ve just updated the data1 bucket to native GH curves so it should not show as null anymore

Anemone to do one branch at a time. In color. (update) (95.3 KB)

New toolset unlocked! I will need spend some time figuring how this anemone loop works exactly however this is indeed the level of automation that I was looking for. Thank you sir

Not sure, why there are some extra points. Probably I am overseing something,maybe it could work like this: