Too elongated shape with use Bounding Box, Morph, Surface Box. (triangular geometry)

Hi everyone.
I have a question:)

I wanted to make panels with uses a “Box Morph”, “Surface Box” and a “BoundingBox”. (meybe there is a better way to make such a triangle panels on triangle surfaces…?)

For the test I created surfaces called S2, and the result is good.

What is wrong with surfaces called S1 that the received geometries are extend and how to fix it?

Maybe the wrong order of points and edges? But how to fix it?

(The surfaces called S2 is only for test.
I want to get a good result using S1 surfaces).

Any help would be much appreciated,
(Sorry for my English). (32.4 KB)

You’re using trimmed-surfaces, there are so many topics about this, whenever you feed a Trimmed Surface into SurfaceBox component (and lots of other components) it works on underlying Untrimmed Surfaces .


Maybe TriangleMapping is what you’re looking for: (9.1 KB)

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Thanks so much Mahdiyar again!
We have it.

Managed to do it with use Shring Surface component (Pufferfish plugin), connected to main surface, and later used “Triangle Mapping” as on the picture posted by You.

Anyway, when I use the first way (…Box morp), some shapes are mirrored as in the picture below,
but I’m too stupid to understand it.

The second way, proposed by You works well.
Thanks again