Today in 1983 Stanislav Petrov didn't destroy the world - So, Happy Petrov Day!

You might not have heard about him, Petrov, who litterally saved the world. By not destroying it. It was a close call, yet so few people know about this incident.

Anyway, today, September 26, is Happy Petrov Day.

Summary of what happened:

The Trailer

The documentary [Edit] Correct link:

Wikipedia with some facts:

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Petrov judged the reports to be a false alarm

Good lad, that Petrov.


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Amazing and inspiring, this goes beyond common sense!
thanks for sharing

P.S. @RIL the documentary you linked to is about another incident during the Missile Crisis almost initiating nuclear war.


i am not very political usually and apologize for dropping my disregards but i dont see anything to celebrate. reading through his history finding that russia had shot down yet another civilian aircraft proves that this country is preferably ruled by imbeciles… not talking about the genocide which is another sad story in russias inhumane actions. too much vodka in their vanes, no warm blood at all. then hey why not setting of a nuclear war, because the vodka heads cant read their instruments. yes there was an incident with the instruments, but that only shows that all our lives actually wiggle on a silky hairline which can rip at any instance. really… dont drink vodka… drink rum (tastes better anyway).

Oops! I was too quick on that one :grinning: Thank’s for correcting me.

I’ll replace the link with the real docu, on vimeo:

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pfff there goes another productive hour :wink:
wait this is just a trailer…


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Impressing man. Very.

No waste of time watching this docu. We need more of his kind. Only the trailer is free. It’s a pay docu.

// Rolf

ah ok check! something for the weekend

I watched it perhaps a year ago. It got stuck in my head.

Had forgotten it was a paid docu, but I know I can recommend watching it.

(And @encephalon, this docu case isn’t really “political” in any sensitive way. But it was a scary incident, and a brave man ruining his life doing the right thing…)

// Rolf

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