So is there any sanctions for russia, McNeel?

After a forcedly long pause, once again miraculously staying alive, I decided to ask the respected developers of an excellent program for graphics / construction / drafting / etc. about their opinion about the events in my country called Ukraine. The entire civilized world is taking measures to the best of its ability to support us in a completely unequal battle with a monster whose action cannot be justified or even properly understood. Under the fire of enemy aircraft are citizens under completely open skies without air defense systems. Hospitals with Covid patients, maternity hospitals, schools, kindergartens, theaters, churches, as well as buildings in the basements of which old people, children and women are hiding, most often dying in this mass grave, an air projectile of 500 kilograms from the fraternal people copes with this task without difficulty . YouTube is full of relevant video material, as well as my smartphone is packed to capacity.
Among the measures to curb this aggression are the so-called sanctions. Economic blockade, which concerns software as well. At the moment, I could not find any information about the ban on the sale and technical support of your software, as well as the conduct of training courses and the blocking of this web resource on the territory of the aggressor state, 70 percent of whose residents vehemently (!) support the genocide of Ukrainian civilians in my country.
I am interested in your official position on this issue, what measures you intend to take and whether you intend to take them.
I think that I will express not only personal but also collective disappointment in how our beloved company takes money from the hands of murderers who are up to their elbows in blood and who do not intend to stop in their terrible war crimes.
I understand perfectly how much war can seem like something ordinary when a person was not at the center of such events. It is very difficult to imagine sitting in a cozy warm chair under a peaceful sky what a cruise missile explosion is 50 meters from the house in which your children are hiding. Please excuse me for both the emotionality and the length of this message, but it is my duty to publicize these events where my fiefdom is, where I will not be mistaken for a spam bot or a provocateur.
I really count on your adequate response and a quick response, because it is not known when communication will finally disappear in Kharkov, as it already happened in Mariupol, where thousands and thousands of dead and wounded are waiting for help that cannot get there for more than a week.
Sincerely, your true connoisseur.


i was thinking about the same…

no need for excuses. we stand with ukraine!


This is not a political forum.


Do you express the official position of the company or that all of the above in some unimaginable way can be related to politics as a peacetime phenomenon is your personal subjective vision? Thank you.

Agreed and the OP did exceed the bounds IMHO, but if he’s directly affected one can certainly understand his pleas for help.

However, as a US company McNeel certainly is subject to the sanctions imposed on Russia. I would expect that to mean they can no longer sell Rhino to anyone there.

I also wonder if that extends to providing help and support (via this forum for example) to any existing Russian users. I also wonder if it means that McNeel should suspend any Cloud Zoo licenses for Russian users.

I haven’t looked into the specific provisions of the sanctions; that’s why “I wonder”.

That’s not how sanctions work, no, it’s specified stuff. The demands for everyone to stop doing business in Russia(aside from, you know, all the oil and gas still being bought from them) or any Russian anywhere are the result of a Twitter outrage mob, with no consideration of whether or not it’s strategically useful, and really worrisome long term implications.

And I guess majority of students in Russia use Rhino for their school projects.

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Ukrainian here, with family in bombarded Kyiv.
I was waiting for someone to start it, I believed in sanctity of this forum but my rage is infinite now.
Sorry Mitch, but that’s what cowards say. Nestle, Auchan, Raiffeisen Bank (and many more of them).
Is some profit is more important than principles then there is no hope in humanity.

Infinite rage is justified. Simply this is not the place to put it.

But of course it is!
A Human tragedy of such magnitude… politics is just the veneer here.

I certainly hope Mcneel will inform with their users how they intend to meet this challenge.

With so much respect and thanks to all the knowledge and the amazing scripts you kindly share with all of us…
This cruel war touches [or will touch] everything, here too.


its difficult to receive payments from russia with sanctions. you cant even convert ruble to eur or usd(RU govt forbid it). so i guess McNeel or anyone else will sell there much either way.

We stopped selling to Russia once the war started.
We are not selling to russian resellers, removed them from our resellers list and remove Russia (and Belarus) from the “allowed countries” in our EU shop.