To move the origin point in a Rhino scene

Hi all!

I would like to know if it’s possible to change the Origin point location in Rhino ?

All my prints layouts are setted, with my project in a specific location in the scene, so if I move my model I lost everything…

an idea ?

Thank you very much in advance

Hi -

No, there is nothing in Rhino that would make detail views automatically follow objects when they are moved in the scene.

activate the command camera in layouts, option toggle or show, now go to your model and select all which you want to move including the camera frustum and move it to the new location. on mac there seems a bug the layout does not work but if i reinitiated the command the model is where it was before moving on windows that maybe look different, worth a try maybe.

How do you do this ?

Hi Theophile - It looks like you can do this something like what @encephalon suggests but it could be painful if you have a lot of details - basically you save a named view for each detail, then then show the widgets for all these, and select them to move with all of your other objects.


Thank you ! good logical Idea :wink: